This challenge was created by Nuzlocke, hence the name, and was originally posted on the /v/ board on 4chan. The Nuzlocke Challenge was designed to not only give players an extra challenge, but to also encourage players to use different pokèmon to what they would normally use. It is one of the most popular challenges that players undertake.


  1. The player is only allowed to catch the first [[Pokèmon]] that they encounter on a route or town (includes bodies of water and gifted pokèmon). This is the only chance the player has to catch a pokèmon from there
  2. Any pokèmon which faints is declared "dead", and must be released, or permanantly placed in a PC box
  3. The player must nickname every pokèmon they catch
  4. Trading is only allowed for evolutionary purposes

Optional RulesEdit

Some optional rules that players use on occasion are:

  • If you find a shiny pokèmon, you are allowed to catch it
  • If the first pokèmon you find on a route is one that you already own, it doesn't count, and you are allowed to find a new one
  • No healing items are to be used in battle
  • Battle style changed to SET, so you can only change when the opponent does
  • No healing at Pokèmon Centres
  • Static Pokémon can be treated as bonus encounters.