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A wiki dedicated to self-imposed video game challenges. Discussion of new challenges and tips for doing existing challenges. Everyone is welcome to contribute their own

What we're aboutEdit

This wiki will include description of the challenges, tips for completeing challenges, videos of people completeing the challenges, ideas for new challenges, and discussion of ways to complete challenges. The types of challenges that gamers come up with generally fall within one of the following categories, but can be under multiple:

  • 100% Completion - Finding and completing everything within the game
  • Difficulty Levels - Finishing the game on the higher difficulty levels, such as hard or expert
  • Double Play - Playing as both player 1 and 2 at the same time
  • Low Level Run - Finishing the game at the lowest level possible
  • Minimalist Run - Finishing the game with the least amount done as possible
  • No Casualty Run - Finishing the game without having any of your characters die
  • No Damage Run - Finishing the game without taking any damage
  • No xxxx Runs - Finishing the game without using a specified action/item/game mechanic etc.
  • Pacifist Run - Finishing the game with the least amount of kills possible
  • Solo Character Run - Finishing the game with only one of your characters
  • Speed Run - Finishing the game in the fastest time possible
  • Stealth Run - Finishing the game without alerting enemies wherever possible
  • Game Specific Challenges - Any challenge which applies to a specific game, due to game mechanics, or taking advantage of glitches or cheats

Latest activityEdit

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